Heat Exchangers - Intercoolers - SuperChargers - Refrigerated heat exchangers for the supercharged car or truck.

Kincaid Performance Inc. makes Heat Exchangers, Intercoolers & SuperChargers for Toyota Tundra, Ford Lightning, Ford Cobra, Dodge Challenger, Ford F150, Dodge Hellcat, Ford Mustang, Toyota Tacoma, Harley Davidson, Mercedes, Ford GT500, Chevy Camero, Audi, Cadillac, Chevy ZL1, Corvettes, & we have a universal kit.

Who It Is For:

People who do drag racing, street racing, & car enthusiast who want to get better performance out their car. It is also very popular for people who live in very hot climates & want to keep their car engine cool.

What It Is:

The Killer Chiller system is a refrigerated heat exchanger for cars that lowers the vehicles charge temps below ambient and give your car engine back full power. It keeps the computer from pulling timing and stops power fade due to heat soak. Using a 30 plate 316 stainless steel construction it is pressure rated to just over twice the vehicles AC operating pressures.

How It Works:

The Killer Chiller kit works by piggy backing the vehicles AC system, & provides ice cold intercooler fluid for below ambient air charge temps! The Killer Chiller prevents loss of power due to timing retard & heat soak! We also have standalone systems using a 120V AC compressor that runs off your 12V system. Kincaid Performance has been in business making active cooling systems since 2001.

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