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Heat Exchangers - Intercoolers - SuperChargers - Refrigerated heat exchangers for the supercharged car or truck.

Ford Lightning Intercooler - KC

Ways to Increase Performance of Your Ford Lightning

Was reading an old blog post over at Lightning Force & saw some great tips for boosting performance of your ford lightning. Here are the top 7 from the list. By the way most of these parts can be found at Lightning Force, except for the Intercooler/Heat Exchanger which is from Kincaid Performance. The links are…
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January 19, 2018 3
Shelby-GT500-heat exchanger upgrade

How To Performance Tune Your SuperCharged & TurboCharged Vehicle

When looking for ways to improve the performance your getting out of your car at the track during drag racing or trying to keep your vehicle cool in very hot environments there are few places or people who can just give it to you straight based on years of experience. Recently when looking through a…
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January 17, 2018 0