Toyota Tacoma Supercharger – How to Enhance Your Vehicle

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Toyota Tacoma Supercharger – How to Enhance Your Vehicle

January 21, 2018 Toyota Tacoma Supercharger 3

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that is manufactured in the United States by Toyota a Japanese automobile company. Adding a little power to your Toyota Tacoma will increase its performance. You can do simple or major upgrades to your truck.

1. Install a cold-air intake
There is always a debate whether installing cold air intake is worth it or not. Well, installing cold air intake is worth it because:
> Cold air intake will remove the sound that is baffling during the stock intake.
> It will help bring in cooler air from the engine compartments. Since the cooler air is a little dense with more oxygen, this will allow you burn more fuel.

Installing a cold air intake will add an average of 6 to 11 horsepower and a little torque. once you install a cold air intake you will notice there is improved fuel economy since the cold air intake improves the throttle responsiveness.

2. Buy an advanced engine tuner
Most of the engine tuners are very small and are installed through the diagnostic port. The engine tuners are pre-programmed with user-friendly multiple tunes. An engine tuner will maximize your engine performance.

The engine tuner that comes with most of the trucks is normally not the best to generate maximum horsepower. Once you reprogram your Toyota Tacoma with an aggressive tuner your horsepower will definitely increase. An engine tuner can increase your Toyota Tacoma horsepower from 10hp up to 50hp. The horsepower increase depends if your truck uses gas or diesel and on its engine size, V6 or a massive diesel.

3.Install a turbo kit
Turbocharge are common on the big trucks. Installing a turbo charge you will notice fuel efficiency since they utilize the unwanted heat from the exhaust and they use it to boost the pressure of air intake. Turbos are affordable, durable and they do not affect the engine’s reliability. Most of the turbo kits in the market can increase your truck’s horsepower from 50 up to 200 hp.

4. Install a Toyota Tacoma supercharger
Installing a supercharger will boost your Toyota Tacoma horsepower. Installing a supercharger on a Toyota Tacoma you will notice that there is no delay between the boosted intake pressure and the throttle application. Toyota offers designed supercharges through its TRD performance division, the Toyota Tacoma supercharger can add over 100hp and 50ft-lbs.

5. Install aftermarket exhaust system
An aftermarket is an easy and quick way to increase your Toyota Tacoma performance plus you will enjoy the hearty exhaust note. Once you replace your factory exhaust with the aftermarket exhaust you will notice that your truck will gain from 5hp to 20hp depending on the trucks engine size.

6. Do regular maintenance on your truck
Truck maintenance will not increase your horsepower but it will return your horsepower. Your Toyota Tacoma performance can be increased by removing the dirt that has clogged on the fuel and air filters. You can replace the filters and they are also easy and cheap to change.

You also need to change your old oil and replace it with quality synthetic oil and you will notice an increase in responsiveness since the engine runs better on clean and quality oil.


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